Spread the Vote ensures that people have what they need to vote. 77% of the people STV works with have not voted before and lack the resources to vote. Spread the Vote helps people turn out at the polls by providing transportation, voter education, childcare, ID registration and much more.

The Brennan Center for Justice is a nonpartisan law and policy institute. They strive to uphold the values of democracy and the rule of law. They work to craft and advance reforms that will make American democracy work for all, including fair and equitable access to voting.

Creative Reaction Lab's mission is to educate, train and challenge Black and Latinx youth to become leaders designing healthy and racially equitable communities. They're challenging the belief that only adults with titles (e.g. mayors, CEOs, etc.) have the power and right to fight against racial and health inequities.

Women of Color in the Arts is an extensive network of female professionals dedicated to creating an equitable, inclusive and diverse performing arts field. Their professionals hail from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds from across the United States, and around the world, and serve in an assortment of roles at performing arts centers, festivals, dance and theatrical companies, artist management firms, museums, educational institutions, foundations, service organizations and state and federal arts agencies.

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