We, the Artists of the United People of the Planet, are black, brown, white, she, he, they, gay, straight, bi, trans, non-binary, married, single, retired, divorced, recently graduated and together, enthusiastically denounce Donald Trump as an incredibly dangerous threat to the well-being of the human race and our increasingly precious world.

We are Americans of all stripes — and many other nationalities — and we believe that Donald Trump must be vanquished, so that democracy can be placed back into the capable hands of those who stand up for equality and seek positive change, on a local, state and national level, standing firm in their principles against racism, sexism, bigotry, greed and hate.

We — despite our country of origin, race, gender, sexuality or current citizenship — have united to strongly encourage all Americans to register to vote and to help rectify voter suppression, and we harness the power of our collective art to implore everyone to cast their ballot on or before Tuesday, November 3, 2020.


Please share our art on social media. Please print our art. Please use this art to make signs for rallies and protests. All of the art here is FREE, because there should never be a price put on freedom of speech, freedom of choice and the freedom to feel safe.

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